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Wednesday, February 09, 2005



Prof. Plum writes:

"1. The core words in the argot of Edland (Edubabble), by which Edlanders conduct business (of transforming their words into countless materials, programs, and activities), are meaningless. They have no empirical referent; you look but nothing is there."

That to me seems the KEY issue. Edubabble is a fog of nebulous words and phrases, verbiage without EMPIRICAL REFERENT.

Any clear thinking about the ed enterprise would have to begin with linguistic analysis and a deconstruction of "frequently used words."


He who controls the language controls the world.


Professor Plum may need to expand his notion of the collective dream to include the collective peyote trip. An excerpt from the INTASC Standards (see Plum’s Feb. 10 post) Math section:

"The English language incorporates 'linear' logic (a implies b, c implies d, b and d together imply e; this process continues until a conclusion is reached); however, not all languages incorporate this style of reasoning. Other languages may use a 'shrinking in' logic (all of the things bearing on a matter might be thought of as arrows arrayed in a circle around the problem; the circle of arrows is contracted until a conclusion is reached)."

(Model Standards in Mathematics for Beginning Teacher Licensing & Development: A Resource for State Dialogue; p. 32)

Maybe it wasn’t peyote but just some really potent marijuana, and the author was imagining the police forces arrayed around his house like arrows, “shrinking in” on him. Or maybe I’m just totally unenlightened and it all makes sense. I'd be grateful for any insight.


Very funny, very true, and very GOOD.

Dan, Pirate and Prophet

Dr. P,

It's like we talked about before; through the looking glass. I think we might be on to something hot here. We could write our own study and formuate titles; rabbits (rushing to get nothing done), hatters (complete, forming at the mouth idiots), cats (LSD and reading, reading by taste?),queens (deans and chancellors), Alices (students), etc. We could classify duties, roles, interactions. We really don't need "research" to prove it, do we?

Maybe we could sell it.

By the way, did you attend the unbirthday party??

Candi Cabaniss

Thank you.

I now have another list that I can put in my palm pilot's buzzword bingo game for my next in service or faculty meeting.

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