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Monday, February 28, 2005


Jim Lebeau

I like your website so far. I want it to be great, because it is obvious that the education system in the U.S. is failing, what is not obvious to most is why.

You mispelled woman in your first linked page:
The new principal--a fine, smart, tough women--wante

The feedback link is missing, so I am using an alternate method for reporting minor issues.

Please keep up your great work.

LC Scotty

P. Plum,

Blow the everlovin whistle, man! It sounds as though the folks you'd be blowing in already don't care for you, so unless one of them has photos of you with a 36" salami, a donkey, jumper cables and half a dozen midget amputees I say go for it.


Dang, Scotty! I been trying to keep that salami-donkey-jumper-cable-midget-amputee thing quiet!!

It's hard to find a good salami these days.


The only relevent question is: Do you have tenure????!!!!

If Ward Churchill still has a job, bring in the donkey, the salami, the jumper cables and the midgets, because baby you got nuttin to lose!!



Would threatening your colleagues with being outed give you any more leverage? Don't jeopardize your department with the state, but twist the dept perfessers' arms a little bit, mabye until they cry "Direct Instruction."

On the other hand, going out in a blaze of glory has its appeal too...

Steve Thygesen


You may blow the whistle, but be ready for a full-scale attack on your reputation and credentials. Liberals in education often seem more concerned in teaching "their way", as opposed to teaching in general. I can't explain why, as I happen to know a lot of liberals who are very nice people and concerned citizens. Nonetheless, results are often at the bottom of their priority, and they will attack you with everything they have in order to preserve their Whole Language.

Blow the whistle, but don't do it without putting on your armor first.

Good luck.


Steve, I don't know too many "liberals" in education outside of Ed Schools. Political liberals, sure, but they're just as conservative when it comes to teaching and grading as the crustaceans in the Econ Department.

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