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Monday, February 21, 2005



Something I read seems appropriate here: "You can put some people into a room with six doors, and they'll still walk into the walls, and then have the nerve to bitch about it." "But sometimes it's easier to walk into the walls. Especially if you're afraid of what's on the other side." (_Drawing of the Three_, Stephen King) (paraphrased, natch)

Thank you for choosing the door; if you continue to post solutions, I promise to keep reading. I can't guarantee that I'll get anything accomplished, but you will have at least one set of parents firmly on your side.


One thing I would like to see is a popular forum where teachers can congregate and vent what is on their minds. With millions of teachers out there, one would assume that it should be possible to have at least a handful of active participants.

The type of forum should preferably be of the non-threaded type so one can gain an easy overview of what has been posted. A model could be the type of forum SW used by the NYT.


"Regarding reports on day to day matters in edland, there are far better commentators than I..."

That depends on your definition of "better." In terms of sheer imagery, you've got them all beat. Who could top the "billowy edubutt?" The wheat-sprouting diaper? The funnel-web-dwelling colleague?

Thanks for the inspiration, education, and some great laughs at a time when I've really needed them. I await "something new" with bated breath...I did try "baited" breath once, when a dead ringer for Tom Cruise headed for the bar stool next to mine and I quickly popped a breath mint...but it didn't work, so I'm back to "bated."


Plum -

In addition to your insights on teaching, you should also give us some insights on how you rant so vividly and prolifically. In fact, I dub thee LotR, or Lord of the Rant.


Thanks so much for your kind comments.

As to rant rate, last night a student said, "You're a violent man, aren't you?" I said, "Well, duhhhh!"

I had just told the class that I thought the best way to handle whole languagists was to kick them down the street. In fact, up and down the street. Pinhead Pong. I guess the student thought this was meaningful.


Plum -

You only advocate kickin' them down (and up) the street? Geez, I thought you'd be in favor of creating some fine pieces of martial art, i.e. bruises in the shape of an M1 buttplate.


I await with bated breath.

Mr. Bass

I too look forward to the site. As a new teacher, I feel like the methods of my "team member" are outdated and inefficient. Our joint planning time is a waste of time for me. You should have seen the look in her eyes and tone I got when I dared to suggest whole language was a less than ideal approach.

When I think about planning instruction, I keep wondering why it seems like many teachers are glossing over, or are slaves to our adopted materials. Organization for instruction is key.

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