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Saturday, February 26, 2005



We will go where you go. ;)

Grateful Reader

To get grease stains out of silk -- I haven't tried this, but my momma swears by brushing cornstarch into the stain (to soak up the grease), then washing in cold water and Woolite. There are some other specialty products you can try, like the ones from Melaleauca (my bro-in-law swears by these). Me, I take everything to the dry cleaner. Life is too short for sartorial splendor.

Couldn't stop thinking about your Scout story.


Any chance you could get educatioNation to wrap to window width instead of insisting that ITS format is the way YOU should read it?

Making it work decently when the text size is bumped up in Mozilla (e.g. the side bars don't cram the main text off the screen, like they do on TypePad and some other blog providers) would be nice too.

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