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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Iron Mike

You just described my experience getting my elementary ed certificate. It was so horrible, paying 100s of dollars for credits to learn how to do math with M&Ms (like I couldn't figure that out by reading about it in a book). I was so disgusted I went BACK into the Air Force. I had gotten out of the service to pursue my dream of teaching, and the darn department drove me out of it.

I'm happier in the service. I'm with my peers (why did it seem that all those that wanted to be teachers weren't the brightest in the world) and love my job. And I actually get to see some of the things that Prof Plum suggested get done! Like the 24 huge boxes of school books I helped deliver to the boondocks in Afghanistan.

More power to you. I'm serious. I still love teaching, and got the honor of teaching for two years at an Air Force tech school. But public ANY level....not gonna do it!


Y'know something, prof? I think you need a new job at a different university, or at least in a different department. Can profs take it easy? Sure, once they have tenure. I don't know too many who do. The ones who bitch about their work load tend not to work hard, and the ones who work hard don't bitch (well, about certain state mandates passed by clueless legislators, sure, but that's just noise).


I think you're right, Mike.

At this point, it just may be vanity.

"They can't beat ME down!"

Capt Dan, River Pirate

As I lay, drifting in and out of a beer and benadryl induced stupor, it came to me....
Like an angel on wing, the image floated from the darkness and slapped me with the force of a wife who caught you looking at her sister...
I now know how to fix public education and the educrats that have raped it.

Make all schools public and demand that ALL childern attend public school (Wouldn't it be great to see the Kennedys sending their kids to a ratty ass intercity school in the slums of Boston?).

It's so simple. If the rich bastards (big money and big power) had to send their brats to PS 124, you can damn well believe that it wouldn't be long before that school was fixed. The movers and the shakers would know how to get to the root of the problem, but quick.
First of all, they would jerk funding from the edschools (no more shrimp and ass-kissing!) and hold it until they "discovered" something that works.
Second, they would put a foot in the ass of the lawmakers that have made all of those stupid laws that force schools to harbor felons and other assorted juvenile nutballs.
Thirdly, they would "remove" obstales and get people on the job in schools that know what the hell is going on and give them the support to do their jobs.
Fourthly, the salaries would go through the roof. Good teachers would be well paid and sought after, the bad ones could get jobs in less critcal areas such as bowling ball polishing or adult films.
In a year, this country would have the greatest, most beautiful, most productive and most effective public schools that the planet will ever produce.

Well, I can dream, can't I?


Too bad there isn't a venue of litigation for misrepresentation of educational preparedness by the so-called schools of "education". Wonder what would happen if some graduate decided the university did NOT prepare then for working in public education? What sort of disconnect is there between the "education" one receives at the School of Ed and the real world of teaching and accountability? Hmmmm..... I just wonder. I bet the perfessors of High and Mighty might get their panties in a twist.....I mean- just mention the "A" word to them and they get really sweaty palms!
So where does it start....oh yeah, the money. The funding source... the public. Perhaps the responsibility should begin with the g'ment representatives who allocate and fund the public universities. Or should it begin as Capt. Dan suggested -- with the wealthy people who, if forced, should send their kids to public schools?
Could be they are one in the same.

Just about every teacher I have met in the past 7-8 years has said they weren't taught that "research" based instruction in the university they attended. Seems like educational malpractice to me... I know- the evidence- SUDENT Achievement data!


Well lookie who has weighed in, above! If it ain't my OGA--Old Grad Assistant--France "Fig" B. I just want yáll to know that (besides me) Frances is the BEST person I know. Smart. Tough (in a feminine way of course) . Moral (unless she's liquored up, In which case... Well, that's the word on the street). You wanna know anything about reading and Direct Instrucrion, you just email her. She won't answer because now she's a big shot and doesn't give a %$^& about the little people any more.

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