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Wednesday, January 19, 2005



That's "Hellespont."


Seriously, it's an interesting outline. In order to evaluate it, however, I need a few more bits of information: the grade level for which this is intended (elementary, jr. high, high school); how long the unit of which this lesson is a part will take; and what the unit as a whole will teach. I'd love to see his unit plan.


Shouldn't that be P-Y-T-H-I-A, not P-Y-Y-H-I-A?


Thanks for the corrections!

Mr. Gabbert's instruction is pitched to middle school--maybe 8th grade.


If it's 8th grade, I have a real problem with the call and response spell things correctly thing. I would have been mightily annoyed with that stuff at that age, and would probably--had I not been such a wuss--been a real behavior problem. It would be better for 4th-6th grade.

That said, this level of detail is great for earlier grades; they like the feeling of mastery, and it builds things for high school. After all, they can exhibit no "higher order thinking skills" if they have nothing to think about.

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