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Thursday, January 13, 2005



If you want big bucks from corporate donors, and you want the state board of ed (or higher ed) to keep liking you (in other words, to keep giving you money), sucking up to them with open houses and honorary degrees is part of the game. Are you morally right? Yep, no question, but you're politically naive.


I know they NEED these donors and other sources of validation, Michael. That's part of my point. Most of ed school activity is putting up fronts to survive--virtually nothing about teaching.. The result is that they don't even see the moral implications of how they spend money. If they were purely crass about it, it wouldn't bother me as much.

Dan of Dan Fame

Isn't that the problem anyway? Isn't that a continuation of the "yes" cult. Maybe, there are different favors of evil. Maybe, I should have said "corporate evil". That's the point. Hold on...let me put on my Che Greverra beret...Rich corporations give money to other rich corporations and say that they are doing it to help the poor, when in fact, there are perpetuating poverty by tying up wealth rather than allowing it to do any real good. Death to the Imperialists! Yankee go home!! Sorry....let me take this thing off..
All joking aside (weak jokes at that), what is more elitist or sinister than the bigwigs getting’ together and cry-assing (southern term meaning insincere pity) about the poor folk while munching on prawns and crappy French cheese while wearing over-priced suits that costs more than the average teacher’s whole wardrobe in a building that looks like a resort?
By the way, we have schools here that are so overcrowded that kids are taking classes in renovated bathrooms (no shit!…). For the price of this building, we could have built three new elementary schools.


Yeah, and for the price of a B-1 bomber you could have even more. Sorry, guys, it seems to me that this is a false dichotomy. Yes, the schools should be palaces, but I doubt that wearing hairshirts will do it. Prof, is the real problem here that you are pissed that those who work in that building don't care about teaching, or is it the building?

Personally, I'd like to tear down all the business schools, and put their money to good use, but that's just me.


"Prof, is the real problem here that you are pissed that those who work in that building don't care about teaching, or is it the building?"

I think it's the same mind set, or lack of mind, that leads people to think they ARE great just because they have fooled the big guys and have managed to con them out of a lot of money, that also results in little concern for teaching. In other words, I think both problems (for me) have the same source.


Interesting. I find that those of my colleagues who exhibit that mindset do it regardless of their surroundings. The ones who are in a good building (or a good office) think it's proof of their genius; the ones in a crappy building or office think it's proof that they're being treated unfairly by the powers-that-be, who are obviously too stupid to recognize and reward their genius. YMMV

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