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Tuesday, December 28, 2004



Great example of corporations and "experts" colluding to get otherwise reasonable people to completely defy common sense: We diaper fully conversant preschoolers who are dressing themselves, feeding themselves, doing household chores and playing air guitar. Believe me, Raisin is not alone.

Anyone who has not walked down the diaper aisle (it's a whole aisle) lately, please do so the next time you're at the store. Several manufacturers produce diapers in a mind-boggling array of sizes, configurations, and absorptivities, cleverly engineered such that the child can "use" them with zero ensuing discomfort. (Being a smallish person, I will never need to buy Depends--I'll save face buy buying XXL kid diapers for my "great-grandchild.") Big, big bucks in this "business."

But then, I probably shouldn't talk. I had my own kids on the pot at two and a half, and while they are now the furthest thing from anal-retentive, they do seem to have a lot of issues. Maybe if I'd let them go in their pants for another year or two they would have become level-headed, cooperative teenagers.

Professor: "Moral conscience of the world?" As in, "Here honey, try some of THIS fruit. The Boss said not to touch it, but the snake says it's OK..." I think it's more a matter of overactive maternal instinct than delusions of moral superiority. Speaking for myself anyway.


I. Laughed. SO. Hard.

Thanks, Perfesser, for another wonderful read.


Try 'Toilet Training in Less than a Day' - originally developed for autistic children/adults and very effective. Especially for headbangers.

Mary Siever

I laughed, but not really hard, mainly because I have been there. I AM there. My almost 4 year old refuses....well it can't be for long. It won't be. There does come a time when you have to be drastic. I am thinking Dr Phil's program.

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