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Friday, November 05, 2004



Are there any books that explain how to make instruction like this?


There sure are!

Edward Kame'enui and Deborah Simmons. Designing instructional strategies. Merrill.

Marcy Stein et al. Designing effective mathematics instruction.

Skills for school Success AND Advanced Skills for School Success. Anita Archer. Curriculum Associates.

Douglas Carnine and others. Direct Instruction Reading. Merrill.

Any of the Series Guides here...



I did some looking on for these. The first book is unavailable, though it looks like the best one there. The Stein book on mathematics instruction also looked good, but dealt only with arithmetic.

Which brings me to a question:

Why do Direct Instruction advocates not suggest DI for upper levels of instruction? Is it because current high school methods are effective with well-educated students? Is the answer for upper grades dealing with these uneducated students remediating with DI?

From personal experience, this seems to work. However, with our "self esteem" and "social promotion" culture seems to thing this is bad for kids. Care to start a public education campaign to advocate the need for remediation of kids at ALL levels who are lacking basic skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic?


BTW, YES, I'd like to see the method for teaching each of the objectives you mentioned (concept, rule, strategy). Is "fact" an objective you would allow? IOW, what is the ontology of instructional objectives, and how does logic dictate they be taught?

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