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Tuesday, November 09, 2004



Earlier this year my wife and I attended a Bush rally. My wife had the opportunity to shake President Bush's hand and also get his autograph.

My wife also teaches senior English at a vocational high school. Yesterday she was speaking to the superintendent of this school and before they parted ways they shook hands. My wife then commented to the superintendent that he had just shaken hands with with someone who had shaken President Bush's hand. The superindentent then asked, "You're a Republican?" "Isn't hard to be a Republican and an educator?"

Isn't it amazing that a left leaning Ed school "PhD" flunky would find something incompatible with being a Republican and an educator? Is it any wonder why we cannot effectively reform our schools?


I couldn't help but notice how unbelievably age inappropriate Mr. Peterson's curriculum was for elementary students. The idea that 9 year olds are capable of rationally discussing the geopolitical implications of Islamic fundamentalism clearly shows how monstrously stupid this entire exercise was. This has nothing to do with history or social sciences and everything to do with the self-righteous looking for an opportunity to pat themselves on the back.


Did the Smithsonian Institute actually support this?

God, that would be depressing.

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