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Monday, November 22, 2004



Good cleanup from the last version, but your editor (MS Composer?) still managed to insert a paragraph break in the middle of the word "Yes" (just before "everybody write").

You may want to switch composing software.


Scripts, yes. And please include an example from one of your college-level courses. I do need to calibrate my presentation for my students' age and education, even though I'm sorely tempted to treat some of them like eight-year olds.

Mr. Bass

Thank you Plum for the breath of fresh air. I'm a first year teacher, 3rd grade and had full year of the indoctrination of constructivism. I especially like that you are teaching your readers how to develop logical lesson plans.

Do you know of any good math resources? I know your speciality is reading, but I was wondering if you might now. It seems the more I hear about NCTM, the less I like. I don't like the California math series we use, Scott Foresman.


Howdy, Mr. Bass,

Saxon Math

Singapore Math

Lots of math at

Connecting Math Concepts

Marcy Stein and others. Designing effective mathematics instruction. Completely scripted from rote counting to algebra. I think it's Prentice-Hall. Just call the sales rep and say you want an examination copy for possible adoption.

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