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Saturday, December 18, 2004



Hey, even if we who don't teach in colleges of education, but who teach the actual content courses, have to fill out those damned rubrics if we want our graduates to be licensed to teach. Let the pain be shared.


Oops. Please omit that first "if" in the first sentence above.


HA! LMAO! We write the same crap at our college. The problem is we don't even have an Education department. Sadly the eduquackery disease is spreading.

Steve LaBonne

Even back when I was last teaching college, in the early 90s, I could see the educrap starting to creep into the affairs of real academic departments, a trend I found extremely alarming even at the time. Hey, let's take the only part of our educational system that still more or less works and let it be @#$%^& up by the same folks who @#$%^& up the K - 12 system! What a glorious idea.

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